Saturday, October 30, 2010

fifi lapin.

i've been eyeing a fifi print for some time... in case you're not familiar with miss lapin, she's a very fashionable little rabbit. she's always clad in designer clothes hot off the runway. you can read her blog here. which print do you prefer?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

damn you, jenna lyons.

i don't want to like j. crew... i've tried to find another store with an unfailing ability to pull me in, but i've yet to find a brand that compares.

no surprise, i'm loving these pretty little blouses with lace detail.


i ran a half-marathon today so i'm running on fumes... i'm ready to curl up on the couch and work my way through 2 new magazines: martha stewart destinations weddings and vanity fair.

but, aren't these shoe clips sweet? i think they could transform an ordinary pair of shoes into something special.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

so clutch.

i found the perfect bag to carry on my wedding day:
isn't this lanvin number a beauty? unfortunately, with the lanvin label comes the lanvin cost.

fortunately, there are some lovely, moderately-priced alternatives...

available at emersonmade
available at nordstrom

available on etsy

available at j. crew

i'm partial to the style from nordstrom. which one is your favorite?

fall feast.

i hosted a fall-inspired dinner tonight... i tried a couple new recipes and based on the responses from my family, i think they were hits.

here's the menu:

mixed greens with fresh figs, candied pecans, crumbled goat cheese, and champagne pear vinaigrette

roasted asparagus

panko-encrusted tilapia

*i made one modification to this recipe- i subsitituted 2% milk for the whole milk

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


i was watching gossip girl this week when i spotted a little something that proved to be rather distracting.... not eva's sweet little free people skirt or joie blouse (although they were nice) but the little black bow adorning blair's wrist. so taken, i immediately started scouring the internet on my iphone (before the episode was over).

my search lead me to instyle, where i learned the little treasure was swarovski. after scouring the swarovski website, i decided the item is either:

a. old and no longer available
b. super new and not available

so, today i called my local swarovski shop and asked for the scoop- the sales associate told me the bracelet is so new it hasn't landed in the united states yet (score). it will be available in-stores october 15th. unfortunately, it's considered a high-fashion so it won't be available in all their retail locations AND since it was featured on gg, it could sell out before it hits the floor. this left me with one alternative- i had to scoop up the little jewel then and there. if you're swooning over this little bangle, call you nearest swarovski store asap.