Monday, August 23, 2010

mother knows best.

a few months ago, on a visit to my mom and dad's house i made a great discovery in my mom's haircare drawer: naturia dry shampoo. i used it once and i was hooked. it has a nice light, unobtrusive scent, and the white powder that emanates from the aerosol container works miracles... it makes your hair look clean and adds some volume. luckily, my mother was generous enough to give me the can.

i ran out of naturia and headed to my favorite local beauty supply store to look for a replacement... i was disappointed to see they don't carry it but i decided to take a gamble on a new product: kenra platinum dry shampoo. this stuff is just okay- the scent is a little cloying and the residue the spray leaves behind does not feel as natural or clean as naturia.

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  1. i live and die by this one by Klorane: